I have been working with Healing and the Bowen technique for 30 years!

My own unique Golden DNA Healing has been developed in response to energetic shifts in the world and our expanding light bodies. This aids in shifting and transforming our consciousness

Would you like to be out of pain physically and/or emotionally?

Do you feel the need for healing on either physical, emotional, mental, soul levels?

Would you like to have clarity about your life path and the way forward?

We have to address the body first as in fascia and tissues and cells as our memories and pain, stress and trauma are trapped in the tissues of our bodies. While doing that the body/mind connection is balanced. Then one can go deeper into patterns of dysfunction holding one back

The Bowen Technique is a physical and energetic therapy and can help release your pain as well as having a profound effect on stress, emotional levels and sense of well being. 

 Golden DNA Healing and my Energy Intuition has gone beyond simply applying a technique as I have opened up to the guidance from beyond, my team of guides and my intuitive senses to tune into you and your energy field for deeper healing. Each client is unique in their needs and so each session is different in what is done to achieve balance on all levels


Contact me via telephone, email or text.

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 When one has treatments the body is able to unwind from old patterning, muscles release their tension, posture can change, attitudes can shift, a new awareness of self happens, often accompanied by a feeling of well being.

The World Health Organisation defined Health as:

 'a state of complete physical, mental and social well being, not merely the absence of disease'